About us

 Jewels as an expression of love, It doesn't have to be given by others.
You can reward yourself with it.
Wear it when you want, buy it when you need, celebrate with friends, and keep it forever.
Of course, you still can gift it to your love.
Adamar is derived from the Spanish term meaning “I love greatly”.
Over 20 years experience of jewellery craftsmanship, Adamar is dedicated to offering each piece with exquisiteness and luxury while retaining a splendid quality.
As an online shop, we reduce all kinds of the expenses of physical stores.
Now you can give yourself and your loved one a little surprise with a wonderful price!
Our specialist set natural diamonds and gems in 18K gold on each collection of our products.
It's offering you safety with less likely to trigger skin allergies.
With the specialties of not oxidise or discolor,
we hope this love can last forever.
Every product from Adamar
is packed in a gift box and wrapped carefully. We also take time to individually wrap every piece of product to ensure your gift arrives safely.